Metá Metá at Café OTO

The press have had a fair shot at describing the music of Brazilian band Metá Metá. From creating a “dirty brew of psychedelic samba, distorted jazz and Afro-punk” to being described as “life-affirming” or even “punk rock”, their sound seems to encapsulate and unearth a vast array of genres. Despite being quite disparate descriptions, they are all […]

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Matthew Herbert: A Preamble

The visionary Matthew Herbert will be appearing in discussion at Stoke Newington Studios on Monday 17 November. The mad scientist look-a-like will be open to a Q&A session and there are few more intelligent and prescient characters to interrogate. I expect many people to shrink in awe at the sight of Herbert’s gigantic cranium – […]

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Rumble in the Jungle

Last Thursday I managed to catch Jungle at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Due to a mix up of tickets involving my sister’s boyfriend’s friend’s girlfriend, I found myself in possession of an elusive ticket to the sold out show. I seized at the opportunity, replying to the text within a few seconds. There is a certain hype surrounding Jungle, […]

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Amsterdam Dance Event

It is around four in the afternoon canal-side in Amsterdam and there are crowds huddled outside grand buildings such as Felix Meritis and The Dylan hotel, people with accreditation lanyards and matching branded backpacks, a palpable buzz in the air. It can mean only one thing; Amsterdam Dance Event is in town. The global dance […]

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